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Remote Controlled Ceiling TV Lift + TV SYNCING LEDs

Who? What? Why?

When we purchased a new house a couple of years ago and I was setting up my home office, I decided I wanted to mount my TV to the ceiling and keep it out of the way. I have three large monitors sitting on my desk so a typical media stand wasn’t going to do the trick. By nature, I’m a little bit lazy and immediately recognized that I wanted to be able to control the optimal viewing angle of the TV and my research showed all of the non-automated mounts were going to make that requirement difficult.

Enter The Overengineered TV Ceiling Mount

Phillips LED Sync Lights

As can be seen from the video, the TV is emitting light behind it based on the colors from the TV picture. Note the blue hue at emitted from the top of the TV that extends from the blue sky color at the top of the picture. This is the Phillips Hue Sync Box + Gradient Light strips that matches the size of the TV. This setup is pretty cool, I have it in my office seen above and on the TV in my bedroom, when the lights are turned off, it creates just the right amount of ambience and emersion.

The sync box has multiple settings to control the whether it syncs to music or TV, it connects via HDMI in between your favorite streaming or cable device box, and provides the ability to dim the lights as much as you want to create the perfect mood.

Bill of Materials

VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount for 32 to 70 inch Screens
Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box to Colored Lights
Philips Hue Gradient LightStrip 65″ (Sync with TV, Music and Gaming), Hue Hub & Hue Sync Box Required
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