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Luxury Overland FORD F-150

Who, What, why?

Never one to do things small, when we made new friends over the pandemic, one of my now best friends introduced me into the world of overland and I went crazy. He (who I will call Bob) has a 4runner that’s lifted and has some fun attachments to get out of trouble in a pinch.

Bob and I worked on his 4runner to include a platform bed that rests over the folded down seats for easy parking and sleeping wherever he stops on the trail (based on this video. This inspired me to search youtube seeking ideas for how to over engineer my Ford F-150. I took a lot of inspiration for the design from this video, as I really liked the separation between the bed and the storage/functional area which allowed for standing up and changing clothes.

My search also turned up the automated camper lifts + tent sold by TopperEZLift which immediately inspired me to begin buying and building.

Camper Lift

TopperEZLift installed with RF Remote control instead of supplied manual up/down controller.

Bill of materials

LED Cabin Lights12v Universal LED Light Strip
ToiletPortable RV Toilet
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The lift controller for the TopperEZLift is pretty simple in design, the linear actuators are connected directly through a multi throw switch to control up/down. The down direction is wired through a beeper that when powered beeps on a timed interval like a backup beeper on a bus.

The RF Remote I found simply takes the wires just like the up/down switch would and controls them with a relay. I kept the down button beeper wired to the down direction of the RF controller as a safety feature. This all can be connected to either your car battery or in my case, I connected it to the 100ah battery in the bed of the truck.

Opening the TopperEZLift manual controller to see what I can do with it.
RF Remote Control to swap out for the TopperEZLift manual control.

BILL of materials

RF Remote ControllerSolidremote 12V-24V RF Remote Controller
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This is the control panel for the whole setup, much like you would see in an RV. The top switches from left to right control the cabin lights, water pump power, ridge (hidden in the drawers under the bed), and AUX port, which is the round power port just below the switch panel. Next to the AUX power port is the Renogy Inverter remote which turns on the 12v->120v inverter and activates the power outlet on the bottom. The lower left is the solar charger controller, 120v power outlet and 30amp RV power inlet. The batter can be charged from the car engine, solar panel on the camper roof, or the 30amp shore power inlet. Above the power inlet is the battery status indicator and can show power draw, charge, remaining charge, etc.

bill of materials

Solar Cable Gland for RoofSolar Cable Gland
Power Connector for RV30amp RV Power Connector
Solar Mounting BracketsRenogy Solar Mounting Brackets
Solar PanelsRenogy Solar Panels
BatteryRenogy 100ah Battery
DC-DC ChargerRenogy DC-DC Charger
Solar chargerEPEVER MPPT Solar Charger
2000 watt, 120v InverterRenogy 2000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Rocker Switches12V SPST Toggle Switch
AUX Power ConnectorNuetrik speakON Panel Mount Connector
AUX Power CableNuetrik speakON Cable Connector
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Drawer Rails

Bill of Materials

Short Cabinet Drawer Slides14″ 350mm Locking Rail
Main Cabinet Drawer SlidesFulterer 5400L Heavy Duty 60 Inch Lock IN/OUT Drawer Slide
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sink and faucet

The sink was built from a 7″ stainless steel mixing bowl. I cut a 1 1/2″ hole in the middle of the bottom of the mixing bowl and installed the drain and drain set, then CNC’d a piece of particle board that attaches to the drain underneath the counter to mount the bowl mechanically to the surface. Then I caulked around the sink to help stabilize it from moving around and prevent leaks through the counter top.

Bill of materials

Sink7.25″ Mixing Bowl
RV Sink DrainSink Drain
Water + Waste Storage x21.6g Water Brick
Faucet12v Faucet w/ Hose
Sink Drain SetBathtub Drain Set
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Almost DONE

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